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Young Investors Group is a social entrepreneurial internship that help at-risk teens with learning life skills by educating them on how to increase their emotional intelligence, hands on training in financial management, investments in real estate, business and wealth management to decrease generational poverty in high crime and low income zip codes. 

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When our youth make the DECISION to use Young Investors Group as a way to avoid negative activities

 Young Investors Group's purpose is to provide empowering opportunities for youth who make the DECISION to use our program as a way to avoid negative activities that are easily accessible. We do that through 3 pillars of investments:

Self Development Investment 

Economic Investment 

Community Investment



 Young Investors Group's mission is to end generational poverty by transforming the hearts and minds of at risk youth while building them as the next generation of community investors. 



Young Investors Group's vision is that youth who live in low income and high crime zip codes will obtain an investment portfolio in Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Wealth Management and Philanthropy, which will allow them to contribute to their community both socially and economically.



Founder, Kezia Hendricks

 Founder, Kezia Hendricks began her journey after one of her siblings was incarcerated for 15 years at age 14. It was her mission to empower youth who had been incarcerated or that lived in challenging environments. 2014 Kezia began to research ways to decrease mass juvenile incarceration and find ways to attract and inspire youth to identify the importance of personal  budgeting, savings, and creating a credible financial reputation to divert the trajectory of generational poverty and incarceration. Young Investors of Virginia "the program" began June of 2018. The organization Young Investors Group was awarded their certification as a non-profit 501(c)(3) October 2018. 

Kezia's Body of Work

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Our Programs


Ever met a Wealthy Person with a Horrible Attitude?

Our  Young Investors learn ways to manage their emotions in situations they can't control. They also learn how to Increase their EQ (Emotional Intelligence), learn themselves, their culture, and others with diverse backgrounds. Holistic Organic Therapy can be costly but is a necessity.You can help by donating to our Mindfulness Training.


Money Managment should be taught in school!

Fortunately, for Young Investors we learn it from a hands on experience. Budgeting, Saving and Lending are covered as a pre-requisite  before the courses of Investments. You can help by donating to our Match-Savings Scholarship.


Entrepreneurship is a Mindset

Our Young Investors go through the process of developing, opening, running and presenting their businesses. Experiencing, both repeat successes and failures, customer service and how to connect to increase capital in their network. Young Investors are eligible to start their own businesses. You can help by donating to our Business License Scholarship. 



Nurturing Valuable Community Citzens

Through our real estate training course. Our Young Investors learn how to value their community by understanding property value, buying, selling residential & commercial real estate. Young Investors 17 years or older are eligible to take the Real Estate Exam. You can help by donating to our Real Estate License Scholarship.


Own a Peice of the Pie


  Young Investors will get hands on experience with trading in the stock market and practice writing insurance policies. Young Investors 18 years or older are eligible to take the Series exam. You can help by donating to our Insurance License Scholarship